Dream of Performing a Play in Front of an Audience

Another weird dream haunted me last night; I have seen myself in a place where there are a lot of empty chairs and some people waiting including some relatives, sort of a small square where people meet for performances. It seems we are going to perform an act or play; I was a bit nervous while reading the script because we never had a chance to practice. I am standing along the audience empty chairs with a sexy and happy older woman she is part of the play and then the preparation was finished so we started the play and the first scene was me with a friend, I remember a few lines then I completely forgot the whole script that I just acted freely just not to disappoint the people watching and my nervousness gone a bit when I became used speaking. What is weird is I am pointing and looking to a friend’s armpit while saying something and then I had a chance to look into my own armpit and I felt bit disturbed knowing other people can see it as well.  When I am done playing my part, the sexy and happy older woman went after me to act her part, I don’t know what happened next but nobody went forward anymore in the center so the role playing was stop and people aren’t happy on what is happening that they started blabbering. Someone asked me to read the story or be a narrator while waiting for another act so I went upfront and started reading out loud but some audience who were disappointed when the play stopped started to stand and leave their chairs, so my narration became whisper until I stopped and asked the audience running after them not to leave yet and I wake up.

Audience Dreams

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Dream Meanings:

A dream featuring an audience represents areas of our personality. To be presenting to an audience implies that you are facing important issues. To be in the audience suggests a change within you that is taking place.  – http://www.dreamdictionarynow.com/audience/

A chair in a dream may suggest you need to sit down and think something over or just sit and relax. – https://www.dreamscloud.com/dream-dictionary/c/chair

The plastic chair signifies satisfactory successes about spiritual issues. – http://www.dreaminterpretation.co/dream-meaning-chair/

To dream of armpits represents thoughts and feeling associated with social acceptance and approval. Armpits may also reflect feelings about cultural attitudes or corporate culture. Feelings about what is or isn’t acceptance by people you spend a lot of time around. – http://www.dreambible.com

A dream involving you acting in a play means you need to get to the bottom of a situation. To see an old woman in one’s dreams are a positive omen. The old woman represents paying more attention to your feelings and emotions. These dreams often represent repressed feelings and the desire to seek your inner voice. These dreams will also represent what you need to do in the waking world – or essentially, how to handle yourself. – http://www.auntyflo.com

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