Visiting the Sunflower Farm for the Second Time Around

As if visiting the Aspire Farm wasn’t enough that I went to the sunflower farm again the next day with a coworker, The truth is this coworker’s friend wanted to visit the sunflower farm and since I wasn’t able to look around, and take more photos when we visited, I went with her. We borrowed a motorcycle from our coworker with a promise that we were going to put gas in it.

Visiting for the second time, I was able to take more photos and videos which I have used in my Facebook reels. The flowers were nearing to expire or to the end of their life, but nevertheless, they were still beautiful and full of life and vibrant colors.

Since it was lunchtime when we visited, there were only a few people around.  There are other two groups who are with us on the sunflower farm, and what is funny is when my coworker and I started recording the first couple started speaking English too as if showing off that hey they can speak the language, lol. Meanwhile, we befriended the second couple who seemed to be dating, we helped each other by taking photos and even sharing them with each other. They were friendly and sweet. We didn’t stay longer, because we promised to return the motorcycle in time.

Anyway, if you would like to visit Sunflower farm always remember that visiting is best done early in the season, The peak bloom time of Sunflowers is about two or three weeks, don’t be like us who visited at the end of the season, haha.

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A Very Short Visit at Aspire Agritech Sunflower Farm in Odiongan

When it comes to flowers, there are only two things I like the most, yellow rose and sunflowers,  I don’t know, but yellow flowers attract me the most.

The other day, we were finally able to visit the sunflower haven at Aspire Farm in Mayha after so many excuses and postponements. My workmate’s friend didn’t want to go, she wanted to postpone it again until lunchtime, but I had already decided to go, so she had no choice, but to follow me whether she liked it or not, because it was her last chance to see the sunflower farm with me. For our little adventure, I borrowed my workmate’s motorbike, and even asked another workmate to transport us to the farm, but while in the parking area, this workmate can\’t maneuver the bike and it was lucky of all luck, another workmate came and I borrowed his bike and there we go.

Some of our workmates followed us, they were asking where we going and I wasn’t expecting that they would tag along. When we arrived at the farm, it wasn’t as busy as the previous days, there were only a few visitors maybe because it was still too early in the morning or because it wasn’t the peak season anymore, an old workmate who was studying Agricultural Crops Production in the farm under TESDA saw me and even teased me, why I was there when the owner (sir R), who happened to be one of our bosses at work wasn’t there.

We logged in and paid our entrance fee of P20.00 each, took a group photo, and walked down to the farm. It wasn’t my first time at the farm, having been there during Sir R’s birthday together with our bosses and workmates. The sunflower farm wasn’t that huge like the sunflower farm in San Andres, but needless to say, it is worth it to visit when you are looking for a new travel adventure and you are on a tight budget.  We took a group photo in the middle of the sunflower farm and even before I could take many sunflower photos, my workmate friend was already hurrying to go, I let her walk ahead of me and take my sweet time taking a single photo, and suddenly I heard a familiar voice, asking if it was me she is seeing and when I looked back, it was sir R’s mother “auntie”, so I immediately went to her and before I can reach her hand to ask for a blessing “mano po” she happily hugged me so I hugged backed.

We briefly talked as there wasn’t a lot of time, I was caught between my workmate rushing and me wanting to stay when suddenly some of my workmates brought a watermelon, they found a lost watermelon in the field which was already almost cut in half and soaked in the rain, they asked permission to cut and eat it, and when they were permitted, they feasted.

Left with no choice, I had to bid goodbye to “auntie” since my friend already left and before I walked away, I went back to the beautiful spot I had seen a while ago before walking towards her and wanting my picture to be taken there, I run towards my other workmates who are waiting for me, and asked one workmate to take a photo of me, so they obliged.

When we reached the farm’s hall or the entrance my workmate friend already left without us to my disbelief, she was hurrying because we didn’t ask permission to go to the Aspire Sunflower Farm. Anyway, we also left after taking another group photo with a previous workmate, If you are going to ask me how long we spend on the farm, it is around fifteen minutes, lol.

Well, it was a good thing we went early in the morning because it rained at noon time.

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