Christmas Party in Town

Christmas parties, reunions and family gatherings are everywhere this holiday season, today my mother and younger sister went to town to attend Christmas party of the Avon beauty center they are affiliated with. They initially invited me to go with them since it was also the first time they will attend a Christmas party hosted by this beauty center but I declined the invitation and stayed home alone. I prefer being alone than with the crowd I have never met, when they left I started cleaning around and took care of our pets, our dog needs special attention because she won’t eat without being spoon feed, so I have to powdered the dog food so she could chew it.

Christmas Party Token

When my mother and sister went home early afternoon, they brought a piece of fried chicken, a small cup of dessert, and a few pieces of lumpia roll for me which I ate pair with the cold rice, they didn’t eat it so they could bring them home. They were also given small gifts as token for attending the Christmas party, my mother informed me that maybe when I went with them I will win a major prize since the number that should be mine won a microwave oven but I explained to her that even though I have attended the said event I could not win since the microwave oven isn’t for me, it was destined for someone else, I have never been lucky in life draws so I doubt I’ll win it.

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