The Harvest from my Father’s Backyard Garden

Growing your own food isn’t a rocket science, it is very simple when you have the desire and will to do it. As a kid, I grew up with my family doing backyard gardening, to sustain our daily needs at home.  We planted string beans, egg plants and ladies fingers, which became very helpful to us, because having a harvest means free meal or viand.

Today, my father still do backyard gardening and it was very beneficial to us in health and somehow in our food expenses, as it saves us from buying fruits and vegetables which are present in my father’s garden.  Growing vegetables at home does cost a bit on seeds and supplies, as we don’t have a large backyard, most often my parent’s plant vegetables on empty cans and bags.

The other day, my father came home  with ripe papayas after tending his garden, as we still have the pineapple he harvested the previous day, and the bananas he harvested a week ago, which was keep in our old fridge to ripe, we took photo of it, amaze what a simple gardening can do.

Since we can’t eat them all, my father brought some of the fruits to his employer’s house to share, which he always did.  They were very kind and helpful to us, and even treat my family just like no other. When my grandmother died, they’re the one who lend us a large sum of money without batting an eyelashes, so we could all go home for my grandmother’s funeral, they also give work to my father, even it wasn’t needed, so it is just right to share our blessings to good people, right?

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