Busy, Sick and Lost Prescription

It was been a long time since I post has an update over here, I guess I have to published backdated post for Sundays I have missed to create a blog. I have been busy during the day with household chores and looking after my mother so I was already quite tired in the evening.  I did laundry yesterday and they are quite a lot that we are able to eat dinner past bed time, our neighbors were already asleep eh. They’re hand wash so it took me long time to finish washing the clothes.

Medicines & thermometer

[Photo courtesy of kaboompics.com/pexels.com]

Not feeling well today, I took three vitamin C in one day to relieved the discomfort I am feeling. I hope I feel better tomorrow, I have already research ways to home treat kidney stones and hopefully I can gather all the necessary condiments, my cousin has been confined to the hospital for this and he spend plenty for it and for his a month medication so I was scared on adding more expenses to my family after my mother has been hospitalized . My mother told me to go with her on her upcoming laboratory test and check-up but thinking of the expenses I have just said I am already feeling well.

We went to pharmacy today to buy my mother’s maintenance medicine,  my sister lost the prescription it is either she left it in the pharmacy a week ago or it slip on her bag, we have asked the pharmacist if they have found a prescription, she doesn’t know since she was not the in pharmacy on duty that day.  Good thing we are able to buy medicine without it, we just show sample of the medicine.

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