Japanese Quails

Seeing these critters, what do you think are they? Chicken or quails? The photo below was taken in Mangyongdae House , North Korea. While everyone is busy talking and looking around I am busy running after these critters. 

They are quails but you can mistakenly tell they are chickens because of their long legs as I search online I think I can consider them as  Japanese Quail, a species of quail found in East Asia. They are a migratory species, breeding in Manchuria, southeastern Siberia, northern Japan, and the Korean Peninsula, and wintering in the south of Japan and southern China. They dwell in grasslands and cultivated fields. The plumage of the Japanese Quail is a speckled yellow-brown, with a creamy white strip above the eye. Adults are approximately 20 centimeters in length. The species is abundant across most of its range.

The Japanese quail is used mainly for table and egg production, and is a good dual purpose bird. and guess what Japanese quail eggs have orbited the Earth in several Soviet and Russian spacecraft, including the Bion 5 satellite and the Salyut 6 and Mir space stations. Lucky eggs, huh?

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