Are you also eating too much rice?

Most of us eat rice as our everyday meal. How much is enough rice for you? As I am blogging this I am just done eating my dinner (below) and I am just done cooking brown rice and currently cooking white rice.  Lol, we cooked two kind of rice, brown for Pookie bear and white for me. We just interchange our skin color,.

Back to my question how big is rice in your plate? Lately I have noticed I frequently cooked rice so I have asked Pookie bear to lie low from eating my white rice because he also eat white rice especially after gym. When he saw my plate, he told me I am the one who is eating too much because he just ate 295 grams of rice for two meal. I was embarrassed upon seeing my plate its a normal size for me but the way I look at it it is for two people. It looks like the mult-vitamin from the hello kitty case is effective, I am having a strong appetite just like the first time I take Pookie bear vitamins when I first arrived here in Korea. I have stopped it when I noticed I always feel hungry and I eat a lot and gained a lot of weight.

Chicken Kimchi Stew

So I think I have to stop taking that tablet I am already depressed with my weight and I am now adding more fats to me.  Hu-hu

Anyway if you still don’t know rice is a good source of complex carbohydrates and acts as a good source of protein alternatives for meat in a vegetarian diet. It says the increase in rice decreases the intake of meat in the Asian diet. Well I think not to me because I am the only one eating meat here on weekdays.

I have cooked Chicken Kimchi Stew today and as expected Pookie bear ate it and used the soup on his fried white eggs.

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