Dream of Running, Darkness and Touching the Clouds

Had another weird dream last night, saw myself walking with a friend (E) with her kids uphill and her younger siblings far below us then suddenly she started running when I look at my far left I saw a lot of people running uphill towards safety, it looks like someone is chasing after everyone, perhaps a giant or evil creature. My friend run quickly with her kids and I was left alone, I run quickly as I can to reach them but they are too far away and the place was covered by darkness that made stop and worry how to reach my destination since it was really dark and can’t see anything. Then I don’t know how my dream jump to another location, I was with a different friend (M) and we are sitting in the dining room of an underground house and we are talking about how I was separated from our friend (E) then the place shook like the attackers are around somewhere which made us alert to look for a new place to hide and while doing so I look for the money I hid and found it in the wall cabinet.

Running Dream

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Then my dream hop to another place I was inside a bus and we are nearing to a stop which looks like a gasoline station and I can see from where we are that the clouds are starting to cover the place, hence the passing clouds are so low I raised my hand to touch them and my hand turns wet from the cold moist from touching the clouds. On my dream I felt a bit worried that we are not able to reach our destination, hotel in top of a hill. Meanwhile, I was thinking of taking a photo and share in on my Facebook wall, and then suddenly I saw myself sleeping beside my sister and grandmother. Then I got awaken when my sister move and stand to go somewhere but in reality it was my mother doing it and I woke up from my dream.

Dream Meanings:

The dream that you are running away from an aggressive animal, whether wild or domestic means that you will get rid of a threat in your waking life. Running in a dream suggests that you will have to overcome obstacles in the future. Running from a wild animal, such as a beast, if you managed to escape it, means that you will solve a problem. {source}

If you dream of complete darkness, then this dream symbolizes the need to monitor your actions. The message is to distance yourself from what you truly believe, to find the solution that you are after. Darkness in a dream can be an omen of a painful and long illness. If you dream of seeing yourself in darkness, it is a sign that you will be confronted with some difficulties. If, however, you manage to turn the light on, the dream foretells the ability to overcome obstacles.

Darkness represents fear of the unknown and unexpected problems. It can suggest confusion over one’s direction or what route you should take. To try to find your way in the dark means you may experience a feeling of depression, possibilities of change, fear, insecurity, mistrust, mystery, risk, hidden dangers and unfamiliarity. Darkness is a symbol of the darkness in your subconscious mind. The darkness or shadows seen by a blind person represent deep grief and turmoil. {source}

In general, dreaming of clouds often occurs in situations where the dreamer may need to have greater faith in waking life but due to fear or anxiety is unable to conjure up this faith. Clouds may also indicate deep rooted fear or anxieties as well as wonders,hopes and desires of our internal self. The clouds symbolize these inner feelings. Clouds also bring life providing rainfall, and so can suggest there is new growth in some area of your life. If the dreamer sees puffy, white clouds. They could also symbolize your ability to to remain optimistic during challenging situations in your waking life. {source}

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