Dream of Carrying a Toddler Boy and a Toddler Girl

Another weird dream visited me last night, I have seen myself caring for our neighbor’s toddler son (A), in my dream the boy isn’t pleasant looking, I am carrying him in the street but then he felt sick so put I him down so he could rest and then I found myself carrying my cousin’s toddler daughter (G) it looks like she just woke up and was given to me to carry around,  she is healthy and beautiful. Carrying  G in my arms we went to A and in my dreams the little boy became a kitten in a box which is sick and been bitten by ants around his mouth and around the box there’s fire.


In the street, some of my relatives were seated in a wood bench and was told that we’re not included in the food list at the church because our names can’t be found, in my dreams I was earlier told about it but I was busy looking after the sick boy but when I heard it again I felt anxious because I know that I have wrote our names and we already pay for it, so I think in my dreams I handed G to someone and run inside the church to double check our names, inside I found everyone busy, then I was holding a notebook where I found only two names, mine wasn’t included so I wrote mine again and below those names I found there are set of numbers which I cannot remember when I woke up. Maybe if I remember them I can go to lotto outlet huh?

According to dreamingthedreams.com, carrying a young boy in a dream means carrying burdens. In a dream, a child carried in one’s arms means responsibility, distress and difficulties while a little girl in a dream represents prosperity, wealth after poverty, and ease after a passing adversity. A little girl in a dream also represents something exclusive for the one who saw her in his dream. Carrying a little girl in a dream means release of a prisoner, or if one is suffering from difficulties, or if he is at fault in an argument, or if he is indebted or poor, it means that all of his worries will be dispelled by the glad tidings of this little girl.

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