Dream of Books, A Classroom, A Stage and Walking Through It

Had a weird dream last night, I found myself inside a classroom and an instructor was giving us books in white covered, the books were display up front and we are given a chance to get the book we wanted. I choose and took two books because I was scared that the first book I choose doesn’t have complete pages while the second book I choose was a bit new but has some words written in it from previous owner, it looks like those books were just donated and given to us.

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Then I don’t know else what happened next, I found myself outside the classroom and getting into fight with a female classmate, she hit me twice with a book in the head and it feels quite real. Being driven I fought back but since this classmate was known for being a kind type, I was put to humiliation for fighting back. Then I saw myself below a stage in queue, we are going to walk and ramp in the stage, the classmate I have a fight with went ahead first of me and she received applause from the audience and when it was my turn nobody applause’s and it feels like I am being ridiculed for doing something bad, I walk and do turns while in stage and then when I reached the other end, I hide and cried under a long table, I felt bad on how I am treated by many, below the table between sobs I am undressing the shirt I am wearing to wear something new. The floor is full of snow melting and it is a bit cold, I noticed that my bag was on the way when someone older, pretty and popular came, I hid so I won’t get noticed.

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I don’t know how my dream hopped seeing myself in an apartment, it looks like the apartment we had in Icheon with a Japanese sliding door, it was very clean like it was just like an empty room but near the door where am I standing there was large boxes. Someone I knew was cleaning and I was asked to continue doing it… and I wake up with a feeling of discomfort, pain and rejection.

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