Dream of Walking Along the Empty Street

Walking is one the best exercise to relieve daily stress I have been dreaming of seeing myself walking these past few nights, if not alone I am with a friend. Last night, I have dream of something but I totally forgot what is it when I open my eyes but one thing is sure it wasn’t a happy dream because I have tears on my eyes when I wake up. When I return to sleep I have a new dream that I was walking with my mother in a quiet neighborhood shops, we passed along the busy restaurant and outside I saw someone sitting without moving, it was a schoolmate. I look at her upfront and teased her by yelling her name twice and walked away that’s when she moved. It looks like we just walked around because I’ve seen ourselves across the street, I left my mother in one shop and peek from the glass wall of the adjacent clothes store and I’ve seen faded denim clothes of a child, sacks of it and garments. The clothes seems to be used ones and they were being prepared for something since I exclaimed “that’s how they do it”, my mother appeared on my back and look where am I looking.

Dream of Shopping Street

[Image source: northwestimages.blogspot.com]

Then my dream hopped reaching a food place where I saw my friend G eating with someone her cousin presumably, they have a lot of dishes in the table. In my dream it looks like I saw them already earlier, we’d talk something but when I wake up I already forgot what is our conversation all about.

To dream of a market place which is vacant or empty means that you will try to reflect on the good things in life. – auntyflo.com

To see baby clothes in your dream suggests that you are expressing yourself in a more subtle way. Alternatively, baby clothes represent your former ways of thinking or old habits which you have outgrown.  – dreammoods.com

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