Dream of a Foreigner and a Cat Eaten Alive by Maggots

Weird dream started again last night, I have dream of visiting an old abandon hut in the hill and when I looked inside I found a female with short blonde hair, a foreigner precisely. She is in slumping position while arranging or cleaning things inside the dirty and messy hut, it looks like she will be the new occupant of the abandon hut. The foreigner is friendly, she invited me in and the hut was really messy, things were scattered everywhere it was like nobody lives there for ages and while looking around I found two dead animals below the small table, dunno if they’re actually dead or sleeping. The first animal is white with black spots in color, it looks like a rabbit or a dog and the second one was a cat, the latter caught more of my attention. I wasn’t sure if I poke it but it turns out the cat in dark tiger color is still alive, when it moves I have seen a lot of maggots eating the cat and what is weird the cat is reaching out for me like it was asking for help, I clearly saw the eyes and facial expression of the cat that I have to step backward.

Hut Dreams

Then I don’t know what happened next, if I run out of fear or stayed because I have seen myself again inside of a room or something it was like a round capsule/ball with my mother and sister, we are thrown or flown by a strong air, like a tornado. We stumbled to trees, dirt and streams; it was very scary just like the feeling when you are riding a ride in an amusement park. Then we landed in a busy street with cars and motorbikes, it was already dark when we get out. Across the street I have seen a fish vendor holding a large fish in their motorcycle, their fish were almost sold out and what they are selling will be the last ones, then I have seen myself riding a full chaotic jeepney from that spot and I wake up.

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