Dreamed Seeing Husband’s Pale and Haggard Face and Being Piggy Back Home

Had a different dream last night, instead of walking alone I found myself with a friend (C), we’ve went to my classmate’s house (AZ), we found her in the balcony talking to another classmate (AY). We’ve went inside their house but still found ourselves in the balcony talking about something, and the friend with me (C) is in the living room tinkering something which I think her phone. Anyway, I can’t fully remember what we are talking about, it looks like classmate (AY)  is complaining for not getting an invitation card but then later we found out she wasn’t at home when the mailman came so she wasn’t aware she has one at home. Then my friend and I left my classmate’s home, I found ourselves walking in a street which is under-construction, and suddenly my friend walked ahead of me and we took a different road.

Walking alone, I found myself in an empty street and that’s where I stumbled in a small court (basketball court) along the sidewalk, there are people in line it looks like there will be a mass wedding, the curious me went near and I found a bulletin board where the name of couple waiting to be wed were listed.  In my dream the event works like this, anyone can asked their name listed and when their partner showed up in the court, they could get married.  Surprisingly I found J’s name written on it, I have asked around and I was told J is going to be married to me but unfortunately I showed up late so we cannot be included to the couple who will get married, I’ve tried to ask if it is possible just to let us, a classmate who’s part of the group facilitating the event felt sorry because she tried to include us but the rule is very strict.  I felt sad, and I my eyes wandered looking for J thinking he already left in despair.

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On my dream I saw a waiting shed along the court, there is an old man and beside the old man I’ve seen J when he moved his head out, he is looking pale and thin. It was then I was told by the organizers he is been waiting for me so long but I showed up so late. J with dark spots encircling his eyes felt sorry for something but I didn’t let him finished talking because I felt sorry seeing him looking sick and waiting for me so long, I wasn’t aware nor expecting he is going to wait for me after what happened to us.  I hugged him and I found out he lost a lot of weight, he looks like he just came from sick bed.  To make it short, J is worrying what my family would think which I replied everything is fine, then he piggy back me and we walked and run home to my family’s house and I woke up.

Wondering what my dream could mean I searched online and here’s what I found Dream of the husband’s getting a pale face and getting exhausted signals that the dreamer may suffer a serious illness, or one of the family members may fall sick. I hope this isn’t true, and I hope there is nothing serious on the pain I am experiencing in my chest and pain in my shoulder blade right now and I hope he is well.

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