Dreamed of Being in a Church and Seeing a Wedding Photo

Had another wedding dreams last night, although this one is different, it started when I see myself trying to sit beside my father it looks like I just came in wearing a formal dress, the place is quite familiar it is inside the church second row. In front I have seen cousin J sitting in front of a piano with her husband, they were smiling and then an aunt (who’s cousin J’s mother) was called to render a song. She came upfront and took something kept in the piano, I was thinking it was a music sheet; meanwhile my attention was focus into something while my aunt is preparing for her music number. When I look again at the front, the sheet that my aunt was holding is displayed; it isn’t a music sheet but two large photo canvasses, they were put in a painting stand. The photo in the right was me in white wedding dress with my father, in my dream, in the photo I look so elegant, gorgeous and beautiful while the photo in the left is a cousin wearing a black short dress which looks like a prenuptial photo, and it looks like she is sort of jumping or kicking a ball and her black dress is kind of shady in the photo. I don’t know what happen next, all I know everyone is voting which is the best photo of the two, silently in my seat I am wishing that ours will win and wish granted. When it was introduced that my father who’s beside me is the one in the winning photo a handful of camera men came near us and cameras started flashing, the crowd became noisy and I wake up because of nature’s call I keep waking up on the same time every morning, it was hard for me to remember at first what’s my dream, I was mentally blocked for a moment thinking I didn’t have a dream but when I recall about the photo being displayed, I remember my dream instantly.

Wedding Photo Dreams

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Lately, I have been dreaming every night and when I looked for symbolism of my dreams online they were tend to be positive and with this positive thought, I am able to dream and hope for a bright future but when reality sink to me on what is happening in my waking life I felt quite unwell, asking myself if it is true or it is just my delusion and fantasy that there is something good waiting for me at the very end of this long dark tunnel?

Looking at the meaning of my dream here’s what I found online,  if you dreamed that you entered a church with a purpose, this dream means that you should not worry so much about the past; in fact, you will face interesting events ahead, which might change your perception of life. To dream of church from inside or outside describes spiritual enlightenment goals. It shows that you are eagerly seeking help from the diving and have desire of spiritual fulfillment.

To see a photograph in your dream indicates that there is a relationship that needs your attention. You are not looking deep enough into the problem. Alternatively, the dream means that you are clinging on to the past or to some false hope. Consider who or what is on the photo.

Understanding the meanings of my dream last night, it is true I worry too much on what had happened and I really seek for God’s help when I can’t carry my burden anymore. Maybe it is true too that I am clinging on to the past, giving myself a false hope that everything will be alright in due time. There are times I have asked myself if I really need to let go and is there really no hope to fix something that is broken?

But reading something like this, to dream of a piano is a good omen indicating that the dreamer will get rid of sorrow and other negative emotions made me hopeful and I guess you can’t blame me for it, isn’t it?

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