Sending Balikbayan Box from Korea to Philippines

We are leaving Korea in less than five months but we already boxed the things we don’t use so we could send them home, I have already mailed one box few days ago through EMS and I still have three boxes need to be mail.

EMS Korea

The first box is souvenirs and travel magazines, second one are my clothes and the third box is mixed of everything from books, shampoo, lotions and etc.,

The other day I decided to call the hotline (1661-5899) of newly open LBC Korea, I have ordered two large boxes. I have decided to use their service rather than EMS, the last three boxes I have sent through EMS except the box I sent few days ago (which is still on delivery) were opened and some items are missing so I have thought to try a new courier and I am going to blog about my experience in LBC once I received the box I have ordered, my items were already shipped to the Philippines and my family received them completely.

Sending items through LBC (Korea Balikbayan Box) is a lot cheaper than sending through EMS where it is measured per kilo. Unlike in LBC it is per box and location, one large box (jumbo) will cost ₩120,000 for Manila and Luzon and ₩140,000 for Visayas and Mindanao no matter how heavy your box is.

LBC Korea branch is located at: 1F, 102-1 Hyehwa-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul Korea.

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Philpost: Philippine Postal Corporation Untrusted

There’s only thing not to trust in Philippine Postal Corporation (Philpost) that it is our mail or parcel. I have ordered a Sport Metal Watch from Artscow last December and guess what? The envelope arrives yesterday but the watch did not, what the heck what’s the use of the envelope, for toilet paper? The envelope was open right where it was pasted so damn cool isn’t it. Dunno what happened to the watch maybe a cool guy  is wearing it even the watch has a photo of somebody. Lol, yes it is a personalized watch my Christmas gift to my father so it has a photo of him.

The open envelope

What a shame, for sure the watch was stolen by philpost employees unless there’s other people who segregate and transport our mails and parcels. Just a question does our mail need to be delivered house to house or just give it other people and be delivered to us? That’s how its works in our province those barangay which are 15-30 minutes away from town the post man just gave the mail to jeepney drivers or look for someone who knows the person and darn your mail is free and in express delivery. Just be lucky if nobody got interested with it.

This is how it works before the mails are delivered in our place they were delivered first in San Pablo Laguna for segregating and then to our province. The enveloped my mother had received has no stamp of “Received torn or open” from postal office from Laguna or our from our local postal office. So when they asked why it is open and empty and then no stamp of being received open and torn the postal office just says “They didn’t noticed it” what does it mean they’re just stamping and stamping without checking if the mails or parcels they are stamping are open or torn. “Good job! Clap your hands on the air”. If postal office employees has this reason every time a parcel was missing no wonder it is nowhere to be found. So who’s the real culprit, and where it gone missing the postal employees who segregated the mails when it arrive to Philippines or the mail man who gave it to other people or the person who received it  and handed to our house or maybe a ghost?

Anyway I think Philpost needs to changed their promotional banner below, because it does not correspond on what they offered, it is not safe and it is not express either. Just remember the postal delivery van hijacked somewhere in the Philippinnes, that’s what they called safe when things are being stolen express because they don’t deliver it to you but giving them to other people to be delivered right to your house.

Anyway this situation did not happened just once in our family, as far as I remember my aunt from Germany sends a registered mail to us and guess what happened we didn’t received that mail. We only noticed it when my mother received a second mail asking if we received a registered mail. So my mother and grand mother went to office to ask about it and guess what they found out, the registered mail was given to another personwho happens with the same name with my mother but the case was she is not married with her husband so she doesn’t bear the same family name with us, anyway I think her husband or common-law partner is our distant relative. The big deal about the registered mail was it has Euro on it and as far as I remember the post office was also the one who change it into local currency.  Great job!So upon the complaint the post office ask the “lucky receiver” to show themselves in the post office and bring all the letters they received. And guess what even my grandparent’s letter from Tarlac was also delivered to them and of course it was also opened when handed to us. We don’t know what else they received before the mistake was discovered. Funny isn’t it?  That’s how express our mail delivered by number one and trusted Philpost. So are you going to trust this kind of service or just the same reason “No choice”.

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