Coping Up with Colds and Cough During Rainy Season

It’s almost rainy season in the Philippines and it already rained frequently, with sudden change of weather and temperature many people got sick, most of our neighbors has colds and cough. My father is also sick with colds and cough, I already bought two bottles of medicine and a mentholated topical cream for my father, then he is also taking vitamins C and drinking luke warm calamansi juice but but he didn’t get well yet.

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So, next month I am planning to have my father do a medical check-up since pulmonary and lung disease is common in a third world country like ours. I hope I could save more money so I could bring my parents to optometrist as well since they’ve been using $1 reading glasses from the street, according to health news in television it doesn’t do any good but make worst of an eye problem even more.  Maybe if I didn’t bought a mobile phone I am able to have this plans materialized right away, I have bought a phone with a high resolution camera so I have a camera to use  on blogging, my DSLR is not getting any better. I have already gave my old phone to my sister but aside from the wifi button being broken, it doesn’t read sim card anymore. She already brought it to a shop that fixed mobiles but she was told they can’t fix it, so my sister just uses it as a camera for her selfies.

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