Miniature Filing Cabinet for Organizing Pens

Nothing new today aside from I got a nice deal of apples at Kim’s Club Mart, so instead of buying two packages I bought four. I also cooked some spaghetti today as my meal I didn’t know that the spaghetti sauce I picked in the counter has red peppers on it so its a bit chilly. I am craving for coffee right now but I can’t have one, my 100th sticks just bid goodbye, I have to wait until next weekend so I can have one. Pookie bear don’t want to use his credit card  as much as we can, he said I need to wait until his payday.  He send his savings home, maybe for the future generation.  I have one choco sticks left and I am saving it tomorrow but I don’t know if I can resist the temptation tonight.

As I am also working in my own office and time, I have my miniature filing cabinet. Where I put my mark pen, scissors and anything which is small and easy to misplace.

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