Vitamin E for Healing Garlic Burns

When a new itchy bump grew up in my left arm I treat it with a new method what I did is tape a part of crushed garlic in it and I did the same thing in my face, it was very relieving but a bit painful. It was very stupid of me not knowing it will leave garlic burns so when the skin turn red and darker in my face, I treated it with coconut oil or coconut oil with turmeric.

Garlic is effective in treating fungal infection as well as killing a pimple but definitely should not be left on longer than a minute or so, but I let the garlic in my face longer than two hours. With a thought that the garlic burns might leave a noticeable scar in my face I search for alternative method and I have found out that vitamin E oil is one of the well-known home remedies for healing skin garlic burns.

Garlic Burns

To do so, you have to cut the vitamin E capsules in half and rub the oil onto the burn, healing won’t happen overnight so you have to do it for a longer period until it heals fully.   Vitamin E has also antibiotic properties that can be helpful in preventing infection.

It was been three days since I am treating the garlic burn in my face and arm with Vitamin E, I have noticed that the inflammation have already subsided but it is still reddish in color.

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