The Art of Letting Go: Toy Cars

Toy collecting is a hobby for some people; they collect toys in different kinds and sizes. My mother loves collecting toy cars since we are little; I have thought maybe it was one way to relieve her frustration for not having a son since my sister and I are both girls.

Toy Cars

Today, my cousin’s toddler son went to our house looking for an ice candy and his eyes wander in part of my mother car collection being displayed in the shelf, he asked a lot of question like why we have those toys and he also have toy cars and etc.  When the little cousin left my mother immediately went to the pantry room where we also keep our old things since there isn’t food to stock and keep, she brought a red plastic bag outside containing the toy cars I have removed from the shelf a year ago since they were just collecting dust.  I have been telling her to dispose those toy cars and give them away to little kids but she doesn’t like the idea since she purchased those toy cars herself and it’s her collection.

Well, although I know what’s on my mother’s mind I have still asked her why she’s taking out those toys and like what I have expected she is giving them away to my little cousin. Finally, she is able to let go of her toy cars although not all of them.

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