Dream of Being Inside a House Searching for Something

On my dream last night I found myself and other people inside a newly built home, it was clean and newly painted.  It looks like we are preparing for a game, we’re handed some cards and we have to find something written in the card. I took a different path and went inside a different corridor while the other people went together, as I am walking alone I saw a kitchen where there are a few females in the counter, one of them is my friend and classmate G. I tried to hid and walked behind a wall so she couldn’t see me but I still end up in the kitchen then I saw myself giving each of them something in shiny yellow plastic (sort of pastillas) and then G and I talked about something and I end up telling her that we all have the same destiny enumerating our circle of friends.

House Dream

[Image source: hhomedesign.com]

I went out the house, I was initially hesitating if I should go out or not and then I found myself outside our neighbor’s old torn house looking through the piles of high-heeled sandals it was like I am pressing them if their heels are soft or hard. I picked a shiny sandals with a little dirt in the heels then I saw my aunt coming to me saying something and across the street in the irrigation I saw an older cousin saying something to me as well it looks like he is also searching for something, when I woke I cannot remember what is the conversation all about.

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