Doorbell Rings – I’m scared!

A doorbell ring wake me up this morning,it was in the second time ring when it came into my senses and spoke to hubby, “Sweetie its your delivery” (referring to the package he is waiting from my mother-in-law ) I think he is also not aware at first what’s the doorbell ring all about, he immediately jump out of the bed. The doorbell ring four times, when hubby is already right onto the door we heard the deliveryman footsteps walking away and a sound of his motor vehicle. Hubby was a little pissed off but he said maybe the guy will return this afternoon as he is going to bed again. He asked why I did not got off the bed, How would I say I already had a phobia when the doorbell rings? I had a phobia opening the door, afraid that the person’s outside is the bible tamper, or another like them. Weird!

This is the story why. It was just yesterday when I heard a knocking, banging sound at the door adjacent to us. Few minutes later our doorbell rings, I immediately opened the door thinking it is the deliveryman we are waiting there is an intercom but I am not using it because even I did we cannot understand each other.  In to my surprise it was two ladies, we didn’t understand each other. very well  I told them No Hangul, English Yes. The first lady knows a little English though, Anyway I want to close the door but I sense hey don’t want yet to leave. The first lady asking for something, she said mool. As far as I know mool means water in English. So I asked her, water? She told me she want a drink by showing an act of drinking something, so I poured cold glass of water for her I did not close the  spring door  while doing it because the second lady is holding it and I think it is disrespect. Well to  my surprise they are already on my back, because our kitchen apartment is just in the doorway, they already invited their selves inside. The spring door was already close, so they ask me something if I am alone I said no. Then she asked me about passover, salvation, bible and etc.,

She asked me I had a bible I said Yes, so I look for my bible on our bed but can’t find it either on my bag so I told her it is missing, maybe I left it in Seoul. Surprisingly while I was looking for it I had a hint she want to follow me but I went back in a nick of time bringing my bag and showing them that I can’t find it.  My guess was right she really want to follow me because she was already with her socks, she peeked  inside our room and see my laptop in top of the bed. Then she said something, I immediately got my laptop at the bed of course I think it is already disrespect if they want to sit on our bed, so she put it on the floor  on our room of course, anyway our apartment door inside is a sliding door like a Japanese door that just divides the kitchen and room. I manage to find my bible and I have found it on the top corner, she get it and open it and read a lot of phrase  to me. And then she operate my computer without asking if she can used it, anyway I already gave it to her so I think it does not need anymore.

On my observation she is not used with touch pad on the way she manipulate it, her hand is getting and pressing hard on my laptop. Well she showed me some video and me a retarded had also a discussion with her, while the second lady was just a silent company. She showed some video about salvation, passover, mother God, ye it is three videos.  The weird thing about them is they believed that there is Mother God, and we are the children of Mother God. I don’t want to be disrespectful so I just entertain them, and in the end it seems they want to stay more longer so I told them I need to shop my husband will arrived and I have to prepare food which is true that I need to buy eggs . She laughed and say something to the second lady, don’t know but as if I understand what she’s saying in my translations “You just want us to go” Well that’s what I feel because they are almost thirty minutes inside our house, I did not yet ate my breakfast because I just wake up when they knocked and hubby just left. I did not even yet wash my face or brush my teeth, so if my breath stinks like morning dew sorry to them (lol).

They asked me for a phone, I said none and ask them why? They want to make contact with me, they won’t  stop asking home phone? Still none, which is true we really don’t have phone or mobile. So I told them I really need to shop so they asked me too shop, E-mart? I have told them no, not to E-mart just here, beyond the vicinity. I also told them I have to eat lunch, then they asked me to come with them in their church and have a lunch. I said again no, my husband will arrived and I have to cook lunch for him then I stand maybe she know I am not interested anymore to talk with them then she asked for a comfort room, so she went and I return the laptop in the bed.

Well no more question that’s mean goodbye but before they leave they asked me if they can return tomorrow here. I said No, a big big no and say bye. Hubby will hate me for letting strangers get inside our apartment. So while they are on our door I am in between thoughts, grab my jacket or close our door for them. Well I grab my jacket and run through the door, I am going to shop so they will know I am not  just making an excuse a while ago.

I saw them walking in front of me and of course they saw me I just bow my head to say bye once again, we parted ways in an intersection. In my naked view I saw them in one corner, waiting for taxi.

When hubby arrived I told him what happened he was a little bit worried, he asked why I let them in. They might looking around our things, and maybe they see our laptops. That was the time a light blinked on my mind, I easily trusted them what if hubby was right? I told him she asked for water, and to his dismay I told him she used my laptop too. So when we went to gym last night, he keeps teasing me. I am sure our laptops we’re not there anymore because your little friends just broke up inside our apartment. Luckily they didn’t, maybe they are really bible tampers.

That’s the reason why I had phobia when our doorbell rings and opening our door because that was not just a first time it happened it was second time here. The first time the lady just gave me a pamphlet, it also happened many times in Seoul. I had this phobia since in Seoul, the only difference we don’t had doorbell over there, so they just knocked. They also keep insisting me to come with them in their church, asking some question. Let me talk to someone on their phone who is fluent in English. And you know in Seoul sometimes I heard someone want to get in our apartment by trying to open the door knob, sometimes the way they knocked as if it is emergency. That’s why I am too thankful when we leaved our old apartment, people thought it is the main door of the apartment because of the stairs , we are on third floor first door that even delivery man and police will knock on our door.I am hoping apartment here in Korea has a peeping hole.  The only thing I am thankful our door here in our new apartment is secured, you cannot open it unless you know the code that only I and my husband know. But when that case happened that I already opened the door, I am dead if the person  behind the door is a murderer. There’s a CCTV too in this apartment but does our landlord always looking at it? If you’re interested to take a look at their site just visit here

A little information about their ministries, The World Mission Society Church of God (Korean: 하나님의교회 세계복음선교협회) was founded by Ahn Sahng-hong in 1964. The church believes that he is the second coming of Christ. Ahn Sahng-Hong was baptized in 1948 and died in 1985 and the current leader of the church is Zang Gil-Jah, known in the church as “the Heavenly Mother”,and the General Pastor is Kim Joo-Cheol. About 70 percent of followers are women and Korean Americans are increasingly found among the new adherents. Its headquarters are located in Bundang, Sungnam City, Kyunggi Province, roughly an hour away from Seoul.

The church believes that Zang Gil-Jah is “God the Mother” (who they believe is referred to in the Bible as the New Jerusalem Mother) and that Ahn Sahng-Hong is God the Father. The church regards the earthly family system as a copy and shadow of the heavenly family system, consisting of a Heavenly Father, Heavenly Mother, and the spiritual brothers and sisters (humans)

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