The Irony of Life – I wish I Didn’t Wish

Life is really so ironic, that’s why to enjoy things while they are good and just be strong when things are not good.  Looking back, almost seven years ago I felt being left behind, my friends and classmates were already professionals, some of them were teachers, nurses, engineers and etc., while me was just a wife and a blogger who earned from my own little life.  I am happy, but secretly I want to be like them, I want to have a career, I want to be a professional too.

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Fast forward, today I am professional like I wanted to be, but I am not happy. I lost everything I had when I wish to be like them, regrets are late and I can’t turn back the time nor wake up like it was just a dream. Life was really so ironic, me wanting more made me lost everything. Indeed, you can’t really have a cake and eat it too!

Honestly, there are times depression is eating me in, the desire of wanting to reset my life and start from the very start again is bugging me. I wanted to correct the bad choices I make, and to avoid the wrong people I have met in my so called life, but the sad truth resetting my life only means dying because time machines were not actually real.

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