The Story of Us: Tell Me Is it Really Love

My mother woke me up at the middle of the night because she said she can’t sleep (too much sugar again before bed time), so am I too. I have a dream last night, I remember it after waking up, but as much as I want to remember it right now, I can’t.  All I remember, I am crying that when I woke up my eyes has tears on them. :/

Well, It is still a few months before Valentine’s Day and here I am writing about love and relationships under the series of The Story of Us. It was my dream to be a pocketbook writer growing up, and being in school again my creative mind became restless. I am recently writing a sad short love story about an ill-fated couple who fell in love in a wrong time and in a complicated situation, inspired through someone’s life and the first story under this series.  It was such a pity and disheartening that my emotions can relate, I initially titled the story as “Borrowed Love, Borrowed Time” yesterday but eventually I wasn’t able to finish writing it because my mind is so weary, that I just created a plot.

The woman in the story decided to let go, and do the right thing. It was a saddening decision she made, but it was the bravest decision she ever made and later on the story her indecisiveness takes place, asking herself if she really did the right thing.

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Many women, deals with anxiety everyday.  It was said that women with OCD report that their obsessions more often center around cleaning, I have been there or still currently there and as much as I want, I don’t want to experience it big time again and to someone to experience it as well, and to include it in the story I am writing it is mind boggling eh.

Anyway, on the later part of the story the woman questioned everything.  Should she really feel sad about it, should she really grieved? What if the guy in the story was just just playing around, what if it is all a game that she unknowingly become a victim? It wasn’t the first time the guy uses the same excuse, should she really fall for it?

Well, that was just a glimpse of the story I am writing and I am really not sure if I am able to finish it. I have found this video online and I find it suitable as the background of the story (lol). Anyway, I have so many stories way back decades ago that remained unfinished until now, procrastination and writers blocked always took place. Wish me luck to be able to write again and finish this story, but it bothers me if I should I write a good or sad ending?

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