Dream of Walking, Seeing Low and High Tide

Dreams, dreams visit me so often. My dream started seeing myself walking in a street along the shoreline and by looking at the sea it was dried up, sort of low tide so all I can see is mud. I continue walking and the water started coming to the shore which is a sign of high tide, the water is so big and the waves are so strong and high that they went overboard in the street; I am more fascinated than be scared of it. I continue walking in the dirt grassy road which is wet and muddy from the water, but what is surprising my shoes or feet didn’t get dirty. I wasn’t alone in the road, I saw few people coming towards me particularly two women hikers whom I help by holding their hand to cross the muddy dirt.

While walking I am thinking that I am going to pass through the house of a friend and then I reached a road with an intersection, the other road which is cemented is going up in a hill with few small houses and a store, the street is familiar and it feels like I have been there before as a kid and I have played around, I stayed foothill looking up and I took the other road which lead me to a small square and in front of me was a church which is I have been anticipating to see after seeing a photo with priest in them, I have took photo of the church twice using a camera phone but what is making me confuse is the peach brown building doesn’t look like a church it is more of a school or government building, while taking photo a group of students was in the front and they were included in the photo, they posed and smiled especially one particular student. I wandered around until I reach a place where there is a large truck/trailer parked, I have walked around to pick something like a rag and thrown it to the front even though I was told not to mind it and my dream ended.

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