Meet Kangchi A Chocolate Color Puppy

After a few months of no pet dog when our beloved Jihoo went to pet heaven, here comes my new pet dog named “Kangchi”. I named her after the Koreanovela “The Story of Kangchi”. So happy to have a new pet, I got this dog from one of my mother’s customer on her buy and sell business.

Cute Chocolate Puppy

Kangchi is a  very cute and lovable puppy, when I brought her home the other day (December 28, 2013) I immediately bath him and get her “lice” and after that she sleeps. When my mother wants to take a bath she noticed that it’s smell bad in the bathroom, it turns out Kangchi’s do her business the bathroom and when I open the door  early this morning she went out and to my surprise she pee outside our house. Does it mean, we don’t need to train her to do her business outside the house? Well she is really cute right?

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