Dream of Kitten, Bus Leaving the Sea and Being a Motorcycle Passenger

It was been a long time since I blog about my dreams, I have been dreaming lately but when I wake up in the morning it is getting hard for me to remember what’s my dream all about. Last night I had a long dream; it started seeing myself in a hut with my family and relatives. It seems like someone is getting married and everyone is busy preparing, I saw myself in adjacent room tending my kitten and then I saw in the window that someone in black cape passed by chasing another being in superhero dress. I went to another room where everyone is busy, I took with me the kitten since I found a set of poop where she’s on leash, and my mother scolded me for bringing the kitten since it might poop as well in the room.

[Image courtesy of harry_nl/flickr.com]

Then my dream jump seeing myself being a passenger of a motorcycle I am with my friend E’s parents, it looks like our motorcycle can’t accommodate me and we are all rushing home for something. We are traversing a road along the sea when we saw a ship moving towards the shore and when we passed along the port the ship isn’t a ship but a new bus moving out of water and then we started to panic because we are running out of time, it seems like the bus will pick the passengers with movie tickets along the way.  In a curve road I saw the bus stop to pick the first passengers, they were my friend E’s parents, they are well dressed and that’s where I felt shocked, if I saw them getting on the bus who am I riding with? As what I know I am travelling with them in the motorcycle then the motorcycle stop running, it is broken and the people I am with in the motorcycle is the market vendor whom I always saw growing up since she’s friend with my grandmother, dunno who’s the driver and what’s her relation to him. When the motorcycle stop working I was in frantic because the bus might passed along our house and I am going to miss it, so I have thought to call my sister to picked me since they drive ahead of us but what’s surprising I am now with my friend E.

Then I don’t know how my dream jump seeing myself driving a bike from my friend E’s house and then I went through a church and pray outside, my dream ended when my mother woke me up since I asked her to woke me up early morning so I could use the internet since it is very slow during the day.

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Dream of Being a Passenger and a Tourist

My dream a few nights ago is weird and familiar; I have seen myself with some of my immediate relatives as a passenger inside a van and some unknown persons at the front seat wearing black clothes. It looks like we are going somewhere then we stopped along the narrow road, my relatives went down because I saw them across the street while I remain inside the van, there are some people with me and they are wearing black clothes. The narrow road in my dream is the road along the cemetery in waking life, what happen next we are in a dirt and muddy cross road, we are about to leave but some of my relatives wasn’t in the van yet and we are waiting for them, then they arrived continuously, a cousin with burgers on her hand came from the other side of the road, she told us that she was in an errand to get a burger. Well, the van seems got new passengers because seating arrangement were changed and I was a bit worried about an older cousin losing her spot, an older female cousin is paying for the trip because in my dream she came from a rich family.


[Image source: paris-airport-shuttle.discoverfrance.net]

We continue our journey and we stopped a bit when we are nearing our destination because we could already see the magnificent site. We had a complete stop when we reached the place which is a tourist attraction, I was in jest because it isn’t my first time to be in the place, and I have visited the site already. The place was really familiar it seems I know every nook and corner of the place and I even know the importance and roles of the ancient buildings. I’ve seen myself with a backpack and plastic bags of food, inside my bag there is a camera but I am delaying taking it out to snap some photos for unknown reason, maybe because I have been in the place and have pictures of it already.

Then I don’t know how it happened, I and my relatives are in a bee farm, it looks like one because I’ve seen myself tinkering or pinning a cultured bee hive.

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