Pork Steak

This is my version of Beef Steak or Bistek in Philippines, as beef is not around I used pork instead and this is one of  my favorite viand, I love the sweet and sour taste of soy sauce and lime., as of this writing I am craving for this food.


My Ingredients

Pork,  kalamansi (lemon),  soy sauce, black pepper, garlic, onions, cooking oil


  • Mixed kalamansi or lemon juice and soy sauce then add pork (beef), garlic and ground pepper. Soak if for few minutes.
  • Light fry the onion rings
  • The fried the pork(beef) until brown and set it aside
  • Then cook/boil the marinade for 1 minute
  • Arrange beef (pork) slices on a plate. Place the onion rings on top. Pour the sauce over the onions and beef.
  • Served hot
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