Old Shopping Haul – What Shoes Should I Wear?

Shopping for me is like a therapy, I have shopped a lot two years ago from dresses to shoes. I have never wore most of them, I have been contented keeping them and when it is time for me to use them, the shoes were not in great condition anymore, especially shoes/sandals from Natasha, the materials were stripping. I have used them only once and I already let them collect dust, since they were not in good condition anymore. My sister then had told me, that is how the brand work. The less you used them, the more they deemed unusable, but the more you wear them, the more the materials became elastic and strong.

Tomorrow will be my eldest aunt and her husband’s  50th wedding anniversary, they will have renewal of vows and party and everyone is obliged to wear dresses and be glam if possible.

So to speak, I have to dig my closet for shoes to wear, I have bought a few from Zalora two years ago, they are a bit expensive but worth it. I have never wore them, but they are still in good condition and just need some cleaning as they collect dust after being keep for a long time.

Since, it is golden wedding anniversary the theme for tomorrow is golden yellow. I have tried a bridesmaid dress and I look like a pig in it.

Well, I cannot decide on what shoes to wear, I prefer the red one and my sister likes it too, but my mother disapproves it.

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I love SALE and how much more if 90% less…

I just got a new shoes despite my husband don’t like me buying things I don’t need. I still have my old shoes which is one year this October. Well who am I to fight the battle of SALE? Yes S-A-L-E the store is 90% sale, I don’t know if this shoes is included can’t read the paper posted, I would love to take picture but I might insult the owner (lol). Well blessings in disguise that I bought  a new shoes because I can now wash the old one, in one year it was just washed one time after our trip to Sri Lanka . This shoes cost 10,000 won or $8.88, as far as I known the cheapest shoes in Seoul cost $17.75 or less, so I saved a lot. I even tell my husband this shoes cost $26.63 and he believed me? Not so sure, Lol! Well I did not buy it on the street but in the shopping district where some of  the expensive brands are located.  If Filipinos loves original I could say Korean loves more, most of the shoes, clothes and apparel here are known names like Nike, Guess, Crocodile and a lot more. But I guess my shoes is not original, I can’t find the word Do Be in the internet as what it is marked in the inside. Well what matter most its cheap than the cheapest.

Anyway I don’t know what’s going on with the store why they are on sale on high rate, maybe they’re already closing, transferring or going to migrate. The only thing I can read clear is 90% (lol). Anyway no matter what their reason is I love my shoes. I wish to return again they had a lot of pants which are in sale too and so far it the cheapest clothes store I have encountered here in Korea. Lastly maybe their products are from China that’s why cheap. Lol!

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