Dreaming of Singing While Crying

It was said that dreams are feelings in our waking life that our subconscious mind created.  Some people believed dreams are warnings and they have special meanings for us to understand. Anyway, another weird dream last night, I found myself singing and crying while pushing a bamboo cart (sort of carabao cart) in a dirt road, J is lying in the bamboo cart and I don’t know if he is dead or not, he was just lying in there without moving while my tears are overflowing while singing a song and when my heart felt so heavy he suddenly opened his eyes and smile mischievously like he was saying “it was only a joke”.

Carabao Cart

[Image source: encenadabeachresort.com]

Then my dream hops in, found myself and my mother in a square room without anything in it but a telephone in the wall, table and chairs and a glass window, I am crying and feeling nervous, like  a feeling when you are waiting for a news from overseas. The room looks more like an office long time ago or a prison visitation room, then my mother is talking to someone it sounds like my sister and then all I know I was told that instead of me singing in a contest my sister will do it and I wake up it is nature’s call and my eyes feels like I just came from crying with tears that dried up. When I wake up I still remember the song I am singing but when I return to sleep and wake up again, I already forgot what song was it. Weird isn’t it?

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