Even monkey loves chocolate

Remember my last post for camera critters? The two cats in our window, sad to say only one is left, the one at the right was victim of hit and run. I have asked my sister about their names but the forgotten me ,only remember one name which is Jumong,  the cat at the left.

I was not able to participate last week so here’s my share of camera critters for today, this photo was taken in  Golden Temple we went upstairs to the shrine where the giant golden Buddha was located, as I am looking for something inside my bag this monkey run so fast near me, at first I am scared but I remember I have this small white toblerone I gave him a little piece and since then he won’t stop following me. As usual my husband was annoyed on what I did, well I suffered the consequences because the monkey became my stalker he keep following me I am little bit afraid because I don’t know if they are domestic or wild, just so lucky that a group old locals came and shoo it away. They’re the one who’s praying when we arrived in the shrine. Well if you think I learned my lesson after it, I did not.

Camera Critters
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