Police and Street Fights of Drunk People at Night

Last night while I am feeding our pets, I have heard someone shouting in the street I didn’t give much attention because I didn’t see my cousins and his friends move on their chair, they were sitting near the street where their store was but then my mother went to check what’s happening I followed since I was curious too. It turns out two brothers are fighting in the street, one is drunk and the other was not and then we don’t know what happened one of the brothers started to have heated argument with their father and then the two brothers fought again and walked towards our street. A lot of people were already out and curious what’s going on and then suddenly the younger brother aimed a weapon to his older brother, it was a long knife a dagger of sorts. I was so scared, especially when the older brother runs for refuge in the dark and all we heard is noises, it sounds like they were hitting each other.  A lot of people shout in fear, especially when one of them started throwing stones towards the street, a relative called frantically for their son who followed the two men fighting in the dark. Meanwhile, I run at home out of fear because I can’t imagine seeing blood, especially I saw how the weapon shine in the dark when the light illuminated in it. I closed the doors and stayed in our home until I can’t hear the noises, my family stays outside together with the neighbors and relatives, an older cousin run to one of our cousins who has a contact with the police since one of the brothers was harmed with a long knife.

Drunk Street Fight

To cut the story short, the police arrived, but one of the brothers can’t be found because he already runs somewhere. All they took with them was the drunken one which is bleeding after being hit by a stone in the face and hit by post, gladly the post didn’t hurt him when his brother aimed it to his chest. He was too drunk that he wants to sleep in the street, his parents went with the police mobile.

Oh well, fighting in the streets is a normal occurrence when people are drunk over here. This is actually second live shooting in two nights because we are told there is also a drama uphill the previous night, but unfortunately we are already asleep when it happened so all we heard are stories, like how a someone was hit by a wood with nails after trying to pacify the two persons fighting. Lol

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