Dream of Seeing a Tall Clown and Student Dream

Tall ClownProcrastination attacked me that I can’t write about my dreams lately. Well, I don’t know how this dream the other night started but I am with my mother and sister, and in my dream we are in some sort of an event and I saw a tall clown, and then I found ourselves riding in the clown, it looks like there is small basket where people can stand. The clown walked behind the trees, we are literally above the trees because I can see the trees below and the ground. We continue walking until we’ve seen a parade, the drummers and majorette were wearing pink uniforms it looks like they are all kids, and it was like there is a Boy Scout event. We descended where two people assisted us and then I hand over money as payment for the ride while they are folding a long deflated balloon which is the ride we just used and then we walked towards the parade but they are already a bit far and all we can see is their backs.

Then on the next night student dream visited me again, in my dream I am with a school friend and we are both wearing skirts (school uniform), we are opening our backpack and someone is filling them up with gifts and I was very happy when our bags are too full that we can’t close them anymore, I am jumping and dancing in joy.

Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sweron/2704051276

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