Flooded River after Typhoon Nona

Typhoon is normal occurrence in the Philippines so a new typhoon came over to visit last night and leave some damage to other provinces after a storm surge take place. Anyway, our province was on signal number 3 but gladly the storm didn’t make a havoc, it only passed by with strong wind and rain, resulting to blackout.

Typhoon Nona Flooded River

When we wake up, it was flooding outside since the irrigation overflow but the water subsided over time. When the rain stops for a bit I went with my younger sister to deliver something, I initially don’t want to go since I just sat in front of my laptop since the electricity just returned but thinking that the river is overflowing and my sister might drowned I stopped my task and went with her.

The river which is initially dried up is overflowing with water and since the current is very strong at the other end of the river we are not able to cross to the other side. We are on signal number 2 tonight, hopefully no more strong winds.

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