Life After Typhoon Nona

The town is a bit busy today a lot of people and vehicle in the street unlike the previous day it is almost like a ghost town, maybe because people were not able to go out in two days because of the strong wind brought by the typhoon. There is a long line in front of the ATM in town, there is only one bank with working ATM today because the other machines  in two other banks are offline.

Typhoon Nona

[Image source: Romblon News Network]

Anyway by watching television news tonight I have found out that the typhoon which made the fourth landfall in Romblon severely affected other municipalities in our province, some houses were left without roofs while the other houses are totally wrecked especially those houses near the shore, a ferry went ashore as well. There still no network signal or power supply in other municipalities, there is also casualties in our province because of the typhoon, our town is a bit lucky for not able to experience the wrath of typhoon Nona because as what I have heard a state of calamity was declare in one municipality.

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