Valentines Dinner at Home

I am procrastinated to blog these past few days I have nothing really much to say or I really don’t know what to write. Anyway, Valentines Day just passed by, how’s your date or did you have a date? My husband and I didn’t go out for dinner, we just had a simple dinner at home after going to the gym. He cooked chili con carne from the ingredients left in our kitchen, instead of using crushed tomatoes he used corn and food turns well out of his expectation.

Chili con Carne

I also got down to the ground floor to buy cheese sticks, but knowing me, I will always get extra something on my shopping bag aside from the food or item I was told to buy, but of course I have to expend my own money, spending his money is a big no no. Well, unlike the past years we didn’t buy a cake this year as we are too full to have a cake and we didn’t agree what cake to buy, if you will ask me I am always into chocolate cake but my hubby says it is already tiring eating chocolate flavor, we should get something fresh.

Cheese Sticks

Well, that’s how we celebrated our Valentines date this year simple and sweet.

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