GT: What’s inside my Vanity Kit!

As what I have said in my Nostalgia post I became fashionable since my third year college, became vain too. These are my stuffs, I have a lot of small kits, but I am not using them. They’re all fit in my knapsack or shoulder bag, hey, I am not bringing them all just one piece in every kind. Lol! I am like a girl scout, I am always ready with my bag, I  bring  my beauty kits but never used them out. Once I do it at home, I don’t have more time to retouch, I have two talcs but I am not using them on my face just on my neck and I am not using them either at home. I am just using them when we travel where my snut and perspiration mixed all together. Hehe

My eye make-up is still intact, never used it here. Hubby doesn’t like me wearing them, I am thinking a giveaway for them, but shipping is the problem.  Lol! I have two sets of eye liner and lip liner still unused, my liquid lip color is now solid..hehe. I also have  hair polish, because my hair is so thick and I want it to be flat always. Now I am not going to be startled why most of my bags get ruined, because of these stuffs that I always bring but not using them as always.

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