We applied visa extension at Suwon Immigration

I just sleep five hours today because we had to wake up at seven o’clock in the morning so we can go to immigration. I didn’t even eat my breakfast, when we went out there’s ice everywhere it seems it snowed early in the morning. We had the eight o’clock bus to Suwon immigration, it took us one hour and few minutes to reach Suwon then we took a taxi to the immigration and I filled-up an application form because Pookie bear has a complete papers already prepared by his director. We’ve waited for our number to be called and done, after we submit the application form, passport , ARC , other papers of Pookie bear and  buying a revolutionary tax we’re done. We immediately got our passport and ARC after the officer verified it and wrote date at the back of our ARC. It’s not like when we extend last year where we also have a change of address that we waited for ten days to get the passport. Anyway the good news is we don’t need to get re-entry permit, what I mean apply for a multiple-entry visa because as of November 15, 2010, no re-entry permit is required to all registered foreigners when they re-enter Korea within one year of their departure date and that means we saved money for revolutionary tax.
Of course before leaving the immigration is picture time, Pookie bear scolded me for it lol. He said photo shoot is not allowed in a government office but I insist so before I know it “click!” so my photo is retarded looking because I am fixing my scarf. I can’t asked for take two because the photographer already walked away, he said we need to hurry because he still got a  class to teach at one’ clock in the afternoon.
We took taxi to Suwon bus station and got eleven o’clock bus, we are almost lost looking for the right bus because we are both in a hurry three minutes and the bus well left eh., we arrived here in our place after one hour and we need to walk home, I bought a kimchi and a bimbap rolls so Pookie bear went home alone as well as me.
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