Dream of Doors and Waiting for Someone

Beautiful Venus continues to cycle back into your dreams and fantasies that’s just part of my horoscope for today. No wonder, I am able to remember my dream last night, it started upon seeing two doors and I have to choose which door to enter, when I made a choice I have found out that the door I have entered is room that which is full of sad emotions, problems and life won’t be an easy ride. I was able to pass through and I have found myself sitting, sobbing and patiently waiting at the other side beyond the close doors while hearing other people laughing happily after being successfully choosing the right door which is full of happiness and free from problems. I don’t know who am I waiting in my dream but when I wake up I am feeling sad, my heart felt so heavy and my eyes are puffy like I just came from crying.

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In waking life, I know who I am waiting. There are times I am experiencing a real need to reach out and connect but my fear is stopping me, the fear of rejection.

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