Watery Wednesday in National Museum of Korea

Happy Wednesday everyone, here’s my watery photo taken from National Museum of Korea when Emelyn and I visited the place. Isn’t it lovely? It looks like there’s a falling star..

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Watery Wednesday Miniature falls

Taken at Incheon International airport last July when we went to China to meet our travel agent. It is man made miniature falls, the airport has a lot of flowers too in different colors.

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Little Mermaid

During summer time, swimming is the best thing to do. Dip your body into cold water is such a refreshment in a hot weather like this. Here are some funny shots of my younger sister while enjoying her dog swim in the water. Hehe

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Watery Wednesday: Koi Pond

I’m back into blogging, I was not able to post and hop  yesterday still coping with sleepy nights. Anyway here’s my entry for watery Wednesday a colorful koi pond.

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Watery Wednesday: Odiongan Shore

These photos were taken a year ago while we are in passenger ship and just leaving the port of Odiongan, my hometown.  

There’s a lot of beaches along the shore if you’re  going to notice it, anyway can you see the fisherman’s boat?

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Watery Wednesday in Gyeongbukgong

I love Wednesday! You know why, it is our break from working out in the gym. Anyway last week I forgot to join this meme, I have been thinking of something I don’t know and guess what this is it. I just remember it on weekends. I have told myself that day it seems there’s no meme for Wednesday, which I am wrong. Tsk! I am really getting old in 23 years old, it’s a  bad sign. How much more ten years from now?

These photos are taken in Gyeongbukgong just here in South Korea. I am just too lucky that my husband is in good mood to take photo of me. You know he hates it when I make him as my personal photographer. Sometimes kidding me that I ruined his pictures by posing on them. C ‘est lavie I just love photos, taking photos of me. Haha

Excuse me for ruining the beauty of nature.

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Watery Wednesday – Free swim

Hi guys just get back from the outside world (lol), if you have noticed my absence but I think I am the only one who noticed it. I have been busy these past two days, no particular reason. I have been busy reading, yes reading. I just really love reading online that I can’t stop once I started.  I love reading any thing that interest me, well if you are also interested to read some ghost story, you can visit this site and share your own paranormal experience.

Anyway, I am jumping to my post today. In Philippines particularly in our province which is an island surrounded by water. If you feel like swimming or going to the beach you don’t need money to do it. You can swim in the beach without paying an entrance fee, you can set a picnic mattress in the sand without someone asking you to pay. All you need to do is look for a place like this, an empty space in the shore. Where sometimes it is just near a private beach…

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