Chocolates, lots of them

You also love chocolates isn’t it? Drooling just by looking at the photos below? Don’t worry .. you are not alone I am also drooling…hehe, anyway these photos are taken on Valentine’s Day where most supermarket are on chocolate’s sale, this is taken inside Kim’s Club Mart.


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My Valentine Loot

Happy Valentines Day everyone as you know we did our Valentine dinner in advance. So when we get home Pookie bear want something sour, so we ended in the new open GS Mart which is 100 meters away from us.

Below are my  loot this Valentines Day, DARS white and chocolate milk, Pally chocolate milk, snickers chocolate, Ferrero Rocher, grapes jellies, corn chips, strawberry ice cream, winter scarf and of course the big bar/bars of Crunky chocolate.


Anyway below is my gift to him we are like kids when giving gifts, this is just a secondary gift because if you have read my old post here I have told him my gift for Valentines Day is already included on the said things. He-he

Kisses for my sweets…

This Love stick are cute, they are heart shaped chocolates. The box has a message outside that goes like this “At the moment you feel my true spirit, You will be my prince forever.”

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