Teacher’s Day

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Last Friday our doorbell rings followed by a knock, I know its hubby because that was the time he was out for school, so I jokingly answered “open the door” but anyway I opened it and to my surprised I found hubby out of our door with his pouty mouth, carrying some box and small shopping bags. I think he is a little pissed off because I opened the door late on his expectations. I was startled where did he got those stuffs, so I had ask him and he replied me with a question. 
Hmm…where do I think he got those stuffs. Director? Principal? Jade?  Yes from Jade (co-teacher) as he teased me, see this card with a sweet note. She gave it to me, of course I have to show some jealous mode. Eat all your food!

Anyway None of the above its from his students, because the following day (last Saturday) is teacher’s day here in Korea so students hand him some gifts.  The card was from his boy students attached from the face wash.We just finished eating those native delicacies as of today, because last weekend we are out of town. So nobody ate it.,

Students here are thoughtful huh? As far as I remember when I am still a pupil during Teacher’s day my classmates and I just make some corsage to pin to our favorite teacher. On my grade II I picked some gumamela flowers on our backyard and put it on my teacher’s table, in a base.

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  1. Mrs. Kolca says:

    Generous talaga ang Korean students on giving gifts. It is their way of making "sipsip". Hehe. I had one student who sent me a Versace perfume and CDs on my birthday. Cute di ba? πŸ™‚

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