The Other Side of Me: Bubbly and Carefree

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Lately, I am becoming an outgoing person again to the extent I don’t feel shy or scared anymore of other people’s reaction, it looks like meeting new people made me become bubbly and carefree again, to look always at the bright side of things no matter how dark and dirty the water is.

When enrollment is starting I have a told a friend that she will be the one to speak up and asked questions and I will just behind her, but guess what? It is the other way around, I have even guided her the procedure of enrollment when she arrives late from previous errand and it was me who talked a lot, I have been blurted out to her, that I think getting older make you so very confident about things and interacting with people, unlike when you are young that you are so scared of the teachers and the older people around you, which she agreed and said, because we are already older now.

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When we had our school ID made, while waiting for Sir L, my friend and I meet our high school teacher who hardly remember our name, she was already retired since five years ago. She blurted out, that I look very pretty today compare to what I look like when I am still a high school student, which I jokingly replied, … that there was no Kojic acid and Glutathione during those time (lol).

Anyway, when we meet Sir L, he  blurted out I never changed, it was still the talkative me (lmao). If he only knew what I had become, prior of meeting me again…

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Well, a lot of things have changed since I graduated and got my degree, the university became technically progressive where you can now view your student profile and grades online, and since we are newbie and the secretary of the college, we are enrolled in, didn’t teach us how to access our data nor give our username and passwords, we disturbed our schoolmate who is already teaching at the college to teach us on how to do it, which he obliged because there were two of us annoying him (hahaha).

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