The Pink Ball

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It’s Thursday again, it seems it is just another day. I forgot it is Pink Meme today, but as  I am blog hopping  right this time and visited Sweetmom’s blog, I’ve seen the Pink Meme is on. So I hurriedly look at my pictures and this is what I found . Taken few days ago at the gym, I am waiting for my hubby he is at the locker room changing his gym clothes. This is taken after our work-out, so while waiting I played with the “diet ball” as what it is painted into the ball. (*wink)

**Close up shot
I am also wearing a pink blouse that time but I forgot to remove my jacket I just remember it when we’re already in the stairs going home.

Anyway this is just a quick post it is 2:15 AM here, need to sleep hubby will be mad if I am still awake (lol). I’ll just continue my blog hopping tom. Join us every Thursday just hit the cute banner below.

2 Responses to “The Pink Ball”

  1. Mrs. Kolca says:

    cute gym outfit 😀 katamaran ko pumunta sa gym.. until now, di pa den ako nakapag-start na mag-work out ule.. hayyy..

  2. Sweetmom says:

    hay naku sis, miss na miss ko na mag gym sa totoo lng,cute ng PINK ball…cute din ng gym outfit mo sooo pink:-)

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