The Silence is Screaming at Me

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It was such a boring day yesterday, the silence was screaming at me.  I sleep the whole day again and I didn’t mind if I am sweating from the hot weather.  We’re told by our mother not to run the electric fan during the day so we could save money on paying less electric bill monthly. We just received the electric bill for the month and it is high than normal and we have to pay losses too which is disappointing.

Well, they called me crazy when I just screamed out of frustration, I was so depressed and I felt like doing something non-stop.  I have told them to turn on the DVD player and put non-English songs since it will be better for me if I can’t understand nor digest the lyrics. It was ironic because before I always told them to play English songs and I hate listening to the K-pop songs they downloaded online.


They went to town last night to buy bread for dinner and I tagged along to get some fresh air because it feels like my heart is stuck in my throat, yeah right we had coffee and bread for dinner and I guess it doesn’t help me because I wake up with a headache. Since I have nothing else to do today, I decided to dust around and clean the floor, and when I get up my surrounding is turning around and it is pitch black.  I thought for a minute I am going to lose consciousness but I manage to close my eyes and stand firm in the ground.

It is almost lunch time and we didn’t ate lunch yet,  we decided to prepare sauteed sardines in can for lunch so I’ve picked camote tops beside our house and my mother picked some in our grandmother’s backyard while my sister went to the hill to get raw papaya.

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