The Small Pink Pail

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Here in Korea or maybe anywhere in the city, left over food has their own place. It is separated from other trash, it is not like living in the Province that you can feed the left over food to your pets or backyard chickens or throw them in the field as added fertilizer to rice plant.
On our old apartment we have small brown pail but as what I have said before we left some of our stuffs. Just today we went shopping for our groceries, I’ve told my husband to buy a small pail. He was kind of surprised because I told here earlier this week not to buy anymore because I am just going to use plastic bags and throw those egg shells everyday. But I feel lazy doing it everyday even the garbage area is just near us (it’s cold outside eh). So he went inside the plastic store I was just left outside with our groceries, I was kinda surprise when he went out. He is carrying a small, PINK plastic pail.


2 Responses to “The Small Pink Pail”

  1. Mrs. Kolca says:

    that's really cute.. i actually have a photo of a section in sm where they have all the display of pink plastic things.. im gonna post that sometime later.. i have to make a short story for it first.. hehe.. happy pink thursday! πŸ˜€

  2. Sweetmom says:

    WOW! LOVE IT! so cute:-)

    thanks for joining sis! happy pink thursday!

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