The Teaching Profession: Talk Show Presentation of What is a Great Teacher?

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It was before Christmas vacation when we are given a group task in one of our subject in school, to be presented the next year when class resumed.  We all procrastinated, we really didn’t do preparation until the day it has to be presented. The task is we have to create acronyms for the word “Great Teacher” and do a presentation about it. We already have rough draft on what to do we decided to do a talk show, but less than two hours before our class we revised the content of our talk show.

A talk show will not be a talk show without a host, and as expected I was appointed to be the host.  It was my first time doing it, our talk show runs about inviting my elementary teacher whom also celebrating her 80th birthday (play by an older classmate) who made a great impact in my life during my elementary days, and I have also invited some of her former pupils (other group mates) to wish her happy birthday and leave messages, tell stories based on the acronym we made with the word “Great Teacher”.

Our presentation started by someone creating an intro, and when it is my turn I was mental blocked at first, not knowing what to say next. It was an impromptu acting which mean it is unscripted, when I started speaking and moving I lost all my pretensions and I ate not just the floor, but almost the whole time of our class leaving a little time to the next presenter (lol), our teacher even complained that we almost eat up all the memory of his phone and it literally heated up, he recorded a video of every presentation eh. I was told by a group mate to avoid speaking English all the time, because our other group mates were feeling nervous, but I know I can’t do it, if I started speaking Tagalog, I will forgetting my act and what to say.

Anyway, our group presented these acronyms for Great Teacher;  Giving, Reinforcer, Encourager, Advance Thinker, Tenacious, Trustworthy, Engaging, Appreciative, Committed, Humble, Endearing and Respectful.

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