The Training Is Cancelled Due to Bad Weather, Bad Roads

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Today should be the start of the training for Tourism Promotion Services but it was cancelled again due to bad weather (a typhoon is expecting to landfall inside Philippines territory today) or should I say because of disappointing numbers of trainees who showed up. As I have blogged previously, only ten trainees attended the orientation last week and today that ten trainees, became six and what’s funny the sixth trainee was a new one, which means out of ten only five of us returned to the training center.

We’ve just submitted the requirements, do chit chatting, watched television, took selfies and laugh. It was quite fun because we already developed camaraderie at each other, my hesitation of returning to university to take the educational unit so I can teach if I got lucky was gone, if I can only enrol right away I will, but I guess I have to wait until the next semester.

We are permitted to go home, but we can’t go because it is raining hard, we waited for the rain to stop a bit and left through a public vehicle. In town, I bought food for lunch at a restaurant and waited at the front of the town signage. My mother asked my BIL to pick me up after he went home from school, he left early, but came just on time because it turns out the motorcycle died along the way, I guess it is from the cold weather brought by the cold rain.  We stopped by at my sister’s work place so she could fix the vehicle and the three of us went to the gasoline station to fueled up and then went to Bread and Butter Bakeshop to buy some snacks, I have ordered eight of their burgers, two siopao’s and a 3.5 liters of black forest ice cream, but my mother asked us through messenger why we wanted ice cream when it was raining hard, so my sister returned the ice cream and I decided to get three of their caramel delights, which one of them was brought by my sister to work.

As expected, it was a bit hard going home because some dickheads destroyed the concrete road when the alternative route isn’t finished yet, and when they have no plans to start reconstructing it right away and most especially when they knew it was wet season already. The roads they have destroyed for reconstruction have been sitting like that for almost a month already.

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