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Hello guys thank you all for the congratulatory message, mwah! Love it too! Anyway as of today I am a little busy tweaking my new blog, you heard it right NEW as in brand new. It was a self hosted WordPress blog courtesy of Ms. Belle, all you need to do is  just  buy a domain at and she will set up everything for you! So if you want to have your own  just contact for details.   Please take time to visit and follow my new blog  The Writerz Mind.

It’s my dream to own a self hosted blog in WordPress and thanks to Sis Mona for the help, for letting me know  Ms. Belle of Belleverlasting and JDMbelleverlasting.

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  1. Chuchie | Chie Wilks says:

    Wow, congrats on your new blog sis. It is my dream to own a self-hosted wordpress blog. Thanks for the info here.

    anyway, can we xlinks sis? I collected all your blog linkies and added them to my blogs. i hope it is ok.

    Chuchie's Hideaway
    Scrap Collection
    TheThree Chies
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  2. Anne says:

    I will visit that blog girl btw can I add this blog to my blog here

    My Daily Mumbles


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