There’s money in the toilet …

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I had wake up mid afternoon today, Pookie bear asked me if I am dreaming because I am making a  sound as if crying, I try to recall about it. All I know I am dreaming and it looks real and I already  forgot what is all about. Does it happened to you too? You forgot your dream after you wake up.
It is not a so busy weekend, I had an extra allowance today. Yahooo! How did I get it?  Well Pookie bear plugged the toilet (lol) using too much tissue, so he tried unplugging it but he did not succeed. So I enter the bathroom even he told me not to go inside, the wise me says I  need to pee which is true. Anyway he decided to change his clothes he is going to out to buy acid for  unplugging the toilet and the dork me keep trying my luck to do it, he asked me if I am going to go with him I said no and keep pushing the plunger. So he said if I can unplugged the toilet he is going to give me an extra allowance, so I said deal.
So while he is out I am trying my best to unplugged it, it is not dirty anyway it is just water maybe the tissues and poppy are stocked in the pipe, after a lot of trying I did it. So when Pookie bear arrived he has two gallons of acid I told him to prepare his money, he wouldn’t believed me at first that I did it but when look at it. Done, he wouldn’t give the extra allowance at first he said he is just kidding but anyway he gave it afterward but its not complete.

As I open my mail I have found out that Godaddy is in Holiday Sale for new domain it only cost $0.99 for one year. So I asked him if I can used his card, he said yes in one condition he don’t owe me more money from the extra allowance and I said Yes. Anyway if you want to purchase your own domain just visit Godaddy and use HOLIDAY99 in check-out.

I have a new domain now for HERZ CORNER.


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