Three Stimulants for Thanksgiving

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Today is the first Sunday of the month so the church service started at 7:00 am, I have only sleep 3 hours but it didn’t stop me from waking up and getting ready for church. I was not able to sleep because thoughts are kept running on my mind and our pet dog keeps barking all night, he is restless too.

November is thanksgiving month and the scripture topic for this Sunday is Stimulants for Thanksgiving, we have three ways to give thanks and appreciate the blessings around us, which are by looking out, looking in and looking up.

On looking out there are three B’s, these are the beautiful scenery, broken sinners and bountiful supply.  By looking around us and seeing God’s beautiful creation is one way to appreciate the things we should be thankful, we also should be thankful that God forgave our sins and give us a chance to do what is right and He never let us run out of supply and starved on our daily lives.

Giving Thanks

Through looking in to ourselves, on our inward being God gave us new position, our new self and new peace.  With our new self, we should know that our old self has gone and the new has begun and new peace because we are always with God wherever we will go.  And by looking up, we are going to see a pleading Christ, Powerful Christ and Perception. We should stimulate each other and appreciate what the Lord has done in our lives, we should always be thankful; either we received small or big blessings.

It is a fact that there are times we forgot to appreciate things around us; we forgot to be thankful especially when a trial came to our lives. These trials are God’s way to mould us a stronger person and to test our faith.

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